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George Psarakis LL.M. (mult.), PgCert



Areas of expertise

Banking Law, Commercial-Corporate Law, Financial Criminal Law, Tax Law, Insolvency-Consolidation Law


Greek, English, French


University of Athens, Law School, (LL.B 2005)

University of Athens, Law School, Master Degree in Civil Law (LL.M 2006)

London School of Economics, Master Degree in Finance (LL.M 2007)

Athens University of Economics and Business, Vocational Training - Diploma in Tax Law (PgCert 2008)

(Scholar of the Foundation of State Scholarships for postgraduate studies in banking law abroad)

George Psarakis is a Supreme Court Lawyer, partner of the law firm and member of the Athens Bar Association. He was for more than ten years the founding partner of another law firm from which he left in 2021.

He deals mainly with commercial litigation, over-indebtedness and insolvency in companies and financial crime. He has dealt extensively with the subject of enforcement, claiming and defending against executions.

He collaborates closely with our client companies on a daily basis resolving emerging issues of daily corporate life. Having a postgraduate specialization in banking law, he often faces aggressive moves by credit institutions towards companies.


Associate's Articles

List Icon   The Offence of Non-Payment of Debts to the State after the changes of the law. 5090/2024

List Icon   Το «μωσαϊκό» επιλογών του οφειλέτη - Οι δυνατότητες διευθέτησης των χρεών του μέσα από το ισχύον νομοθετικό πλαίσιο με βάση συγκεκριμένες υποθέσεις εργασίας

List Icon   Servicers vs Banks: What ultimately changed with the management of non-performing loans by Servicers?

List Icon   The settlement of debts to the State and Social Security Institutions through the Out-of-Court Workout Mechanism of L. 4738/2020 after the amendments of L. 5072/2023.

List Icon   The Critical Changes in the Legislative Framework of the Out-of-Court Settlement Mechanism and Non Performing Loans

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List Icon   Out-of-court Workout: the arrangements with the banks and the

List Icon   The "mosaic" of debtor's options: bankruptcy, out-of-court mechanism, reorganisation, mediation or code of conduct?

List Icon   Developments in the issues of Auctions after the Supreme Court's Plenary Decision on Servicers - The Issues with the Management Contract

List Icon   Is the rise in interest rates on loans justified? The Borrower's Possible Defenses

List Icon   The 2004 law on compound interest: how the problem remains relevant after almost 20 years

List Icon   Due Diligence in Business Acquisition

List Icon   Auctions: What changes and what doesn't after the Supreme Court's plenary decision on Servicers

List Icon   Leasing contracts: crucial decisions on prescription and default interest rates

List Icon   7 Critical Points in relation to the recent Supreme Court decision on the ability of Servicers to expedite auctions

List Icon   Enforced Execution against Hotel Units: the Lenders' Practices

List Icon   Auctions: When you do not buy property but ... litigation

List Icon   Tax evasion and Imputed Income Determination based on the old and the new Tax Code

List Icon   The Gordian Knot of Business Loans and Abusive Interest Rate Clauses - Recent Developments through Greek and European Case Law

List Icon   4 Appeals Court Decisions that turn the forced collection of red loans by Servicers

List Icon   Tax evasion and Imputed Income Determination

List Icon   Standing and involvement of NPL Servicers in legal proceedings

List Icon   Borrower's Last Attempt to Rescue its Real Estate: the Opposition Against the Auction Procedure

List Icon   Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): the Road to the Acquisition of the Business

List Icon   The Temporary Administration of the Public Limited Company in the Act

List Icon   Participation in an Auction - The 5 most common questions

List Icon   The Confidentiality Clauses (NDA/CA) in Business Acquisitions

List Icon   The Protection (?) of the Out-of-Court Mechanism from Auctions and other Enforcement Acts

List Icon   The mosaic of debtor's options: bankruptcy, out-of-court mechanism, reorganisation or code of conduct?

List Icon   The automatic reduction of the first bid price in real estate auctions: the provisions of the bill and the need to protect the debtor

List Icon   The offence of non-payment of debts to the State (Article 25 of Law 1882/1990)

List Icon   The Reasons for Invalidity of the Foreclosure Report and the Property Auction - Defence against Incomplete Execution Deeds

List Icon   The red loans of the Agricultural Bank of Greece YEE 

List Icon   Sales of red loans and the rights of the borrower - 6 years after the adoption of the relevant law

List Icon   The offence of bouncing a cheque and the defendant's possible defences at the hearing

List Icon   The paradox of the (non-)implementation of the law on red loans

List Icon   The possibility of cancelling debts to the State under the new law of reorganisation through 7 question and answer sessions

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List Icon   A Simple Way to Protect Your Website Design - A Story and a Lesson

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List Icon   The Limitation Period for Loan Claims

List Icon   The Second Chance of Entrepreneurs through the draft of the New Bankruptcy Law: 9 questions and answers

List Icon   Defending Against the Aggressive Practices of Servicers (Claims Management Companies)

List Icon   The Calculation of the Agent (or Exclusive Distributor) Customer Compensation Amount - Calculation Factors

List Icon   The Liability of Businesses in the Event of a COVID-19 Outbreak

List Icon   4 Questions-Answers on the Suspension of Payment of Cheques - The protection of non-affected CSDs

List Icon   The Coronavirus Pandemic as a reason for non-payment of rent

List Icon   Purchase of Property at a Forced Auction: Traps and Risks

List Icon   Myth or Reality: The class of "mega-debtors"

List Icon   The Effort to Negotiate Equally with Credit Institutions

List Icon   The Practices of Funds (Claims Management Companies) in the Battle of "Red" Loans

List Icon   The IEA's audits - Practices of Questionable Legitimacy

List Icon   The Red Loans case: the legalisation of Loan and Credit Management Companies - the first picture from the courtrooms

List Icon   The Feasibility of Community Plan Registration in the light of the IQOS Litigation

List Icon   Possibilities of Disinheritance after the statutory Acceptance of the Inheritance

List Icon   Guarantor's Liability in a Loan - update

List Icon   Dendias Law - Accelerated Liquidation of Over-indebted Enterprises

List Icon   The colpo grosso of business loans

List Icon   Code of Conduct for Banks: The first 3 years of its implementation and the involvement of the judiciary in the resolution of banking disputes

List Icon   The discharge of traders from their debts under the new provisions of the Bankruptcy Code

List Icon   Release of bank (and non-bank) loan guarantor

List Icon   Exemption of guarantor following the conclusion of additional transactions between the primary debtor and the credit institution

List Icon   The red loans of the Agricultural Bank of Greece YEE

List Icon   Bank loans in special liquidation - arrangements, settlements and litigation

List Icon   Loans guaranteed by the State/ETEAN

List Icon   The Banking Code of Conduct - A first assessment of the practical implications

List Icon   Collection of trade receivables - The armoury of the business lender

List Icon   Liability of a guarantor in a loan agreement

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