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Financial Criminal Law


Since almost any business activity nowadays runs the risk of accusing the entrepreneur for committing numerous financial crimes, it is imperative that such activities be guided by the specific financial criminal law in the context of the relevant prevention.

Our Law Firm has been assigned with a variety of cases of financial criminal law (financial crimes), whether they relate to crimes of special criminal law, or they relate to crimes of the Penal Code. In particular, we undertake cases concerning alleged liability of business directors due to:

  • Non-payment of debts to the State (article 25, Law 1882/1990).
  • Tax evasion (VAT, income tax, false invoices - articles 17, 18 and 19 of Law 2523/1997 and now article 66 of Law 4174/2013).
  • Issuance of unsecured checks (art. 79 law 5960/1933).
  • Committing crimes which are provided by the laws for Societes Anonymes and Limited Liability Companies.
  • Violation of provisions of the Capital Market Law.
  • Non-payment of employer and workers' contributions to the insurance organizations (C.L. 1986/1967).
  • Non-payment of employees' salaries (C.L. 690/1945).
  • Violation of provisions of labor legislation (see art. 28 Law 3996/2011).
  • Violation of commercial secrecy (art. 16-18 Law 146/1914).
  • Violation of provisions for the protection of free competition (Articles 43 and 44 of Law 3959/2011).
  • Violation of provisions for the protection of unfair competition (Law 146/1914).
  • Violation of provisions of market legislation (LD 136/1946).
  • Violation of the provisions of the Bankruptcy Law (committing the crime of bankruptcy, the crime of favorable treatment of creditors, etc., 198 et seq. Law 4738/2020).
  • Violation of criminal law provisions (see fraud, infidelity, defrauding creditors, etc.).

Especially with regard to the provisions of the tax legislator in the field of tax evasion, on the one hand the changes in the legislative framework are continuous, on the other hand the generated case law is rich, resulting in special involvement in this field of law by the legal representative for the sufficient support of the assignor.

At the same time, it should be emphasized that, in most cases in the field of financial crimes, the cooperation of more lawyers with different specialization beyond the criminal law is necessary. This is because most categories of financial offenses are related to areas of commercial, civil and public tax law. For this reason, in case of defense of a case e.g. with the category of tax evasion, the cooperation of lawyers specializing in criminal and tax law is mandatory; or in the case of the category of committing crimes within the operation of the Societe Anonyme, the cooperation of lawyers specializing in criminal and corporate law.

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