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Banking Law


In the field of banking law, the services we provide focus on dealing with business credit crises and managing high debts. Having a special knowledge of banking law and the law of banking supervision in combination with consumer protection law, we deal with any abusive practices of credit institutions and restore excessively burdensome and abusive contracts to a fair and legal state. It is worth noting that we are one of the few companies with more than 10 associates that have never taken on a representation mandate from a credit institution, always having as its primary goal the defense of the borrower (natural person or legal entity).

Our Law Firm is extensively experienced in processing and dealing with banking law issues. The latter contains special regulations which are not usually known to the borrower, as a result of which one is deprived of the possibility of exercising his legal rights while is burdened during the execution of credit agreements with illegal and sometimes unconventional charges. The issues that arise each time in the broadest subject of banking law are numerous and require specialization and detailed knowledge of this particular part of law. For this reason, the associates of our Law Firm write and publish regularly information notes and article on current and classic issues of banking law. In the right column, the reader can search and read such articles.

At the same time, in the context of enforcement, it is known that after the termination of credit agreements, credit institutions usually submit applications for the issuance of Payment Orders, which then, if issued, execute in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure for enforcement ( foreclosure of movable and immovable property, seizure / precautionary seizure of bank accounts, etc.). The Law Firm specializes in the immediate and effective treatment of such cases, successfully exercising the legal remedies which highlight on the one hand all the illegal and abusive terms of the banking contracts, and on the other hand all the irregularities in the process of issuing and executing payment orders.

Moreover, even if the credit institution has not proceeded with enforcement actions and aggression in general, legal assistance is necessary in the context of a negotiation of the terms of repayment and further operation of the loan agreement, and on the other hand the implementation of the Code of Conduct by Law 4224/2013 (see also guidelines of the Bank of Greece based on Executive Committee Act 42/30.05.2014 for the design and evaluation of sustainable types of regulation). The documented and specific marking of the "weak" points of the position of the credit institution obviously strengthens the proposal of the borrower and acts in support of the approval of the requests submitted by the individual committees of the banks.


Latest News

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Case Studies

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