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Terms of use

1. Introduction

1.1. The visitor accepts the following terms of use, which apply to the entire content of the website www.psarakislegal.com. The content of the website must not be used if the visitor does not agree with the terms of use. Continued use even after any changes means unconditional acceptance of these terms. Therefore, the visitor is requested to carefully read the following conditions.

2. Intellectual and industrial property rights

2.1. The entire content of the website (including, but not limited to, images, graphics, photographs, drawings and texts) is the intellectual property of "PSARAKIS & KEFALAS Law Firm@ (hereinafter: "the Firm"). Their reproduction is permitted only for non-commercial purposes and with a clear reference to the website (by using a link in case of electronic use ). The content is reproduced as is, i.e. without modifications/alterations. The Firm reserves the right to demand cessation of the content's use (indicatively: deletion of text from a third-party website) at its discretion. In no case are the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights affected in any way. Furthermore, the page's references to third-party rights (e.g. word marks of commercial companies for the needs of writing newsletters) constitute their own intellectual and industrial property; in this regard, it is noted that the operators are protected accordingly.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. Including the case of slight negligence, the Firm is not responsible for any form of damage from the contents of the website.


3.2. The content of the website (indicatively, the newsletters) are not intended to provide legal advice in individual cases. Their purpose is a first presentation of legal issues, without thus providing a guarantee for the appropriateness and correctness of their application in each individual case. We strongly recommend obtaining expert advice before adopting approaches and solutions in your case. Each case is different; therefore the solutions provided and appropriate approaches differ.

3.3. This website's content is subject to changes/amendments. This does not mean that the necessary amendments will be made each time and that the content of the website will be accurate and free of errors.

3.4. The Firm does not guarantee that links to and from the website are provided free of viruses or other harmful components. Besides, the Firm does not control the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of the services of websites to which it refers through links. For any issue/information, please refer to the respective pages, which are also responsible for the provision of their services.

4. Applicable Law and Other Terms

4.1. Above terms and conditions of this website's use as well as any amendment thereof are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union Law and relevant international treaties.

4.2. Any part of the above terms deemed to be contrary to the law shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be removed, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

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