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Commercial - Corporate Law


Commercial Litigation

Our main subject of avocation is related to the field of commercial litigation. Most of our assignors are companies and that is why we are called daily to deal with various issues of corporate life that ends up in courtrooms. Indicatively, our areas of involvement include the following strategies:

  • Litigation support in relation to commercial leases (lease claims, lease adjustment lawsuits etc.)
  • Judicial settlement of disputes arising from the law of commercial mediation contracts (commercial distribution, representation contracts, etc.)
  • Judicial support in leasing cases.
  • Collection of commercial claims (precautionary measures – precautionary seizures, pre-notations, acceleration of enforcement-seizures of real estate, seizures of bank deposits etc.)
  • Securities law (checks, bills of exchange etc), forced collection and defense against aggressive actions based on securities.

Corporate Law

The company has supported entrepreneurs in various corporate litigations. In fact, a large part of our time is focused on dealing with in-company disputes between shareholders / partners. Indicatively, we provide our services in the following areas:

  • Dealing with management issues (judicial appointment of management due to lack of management or conflict of interest, etc.).
  • Protection of partner and company rights - judicial support for minority rights, etc.
  • Challenge of invalid and annullable decisions of Board of Directors and General Assemblies of all corporate forms.
  • Complete legal solutions within the context of business restructuring / rescue, especially based on our experience and specialization in tax and financial law.
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of companies (undertaking actions and legal assistance at each stage of the process).

Competition Law

The importance of competition law is self-evident at both national and community level as it is the hard core of business law (or economic law in general) and a crucial factor in shaping the market economy.

The Hellenic free competition law is regulated primarily by the provisions of Law 3959/2011, which replaced the older Law 703/1977, which is in line with its provisions with the provisions of European Union law.

The law of unfair competition is regulated at national level by the provisions of Law 146/1914 and concerns the control and restriction of the illegal acts of the companies that aim to give them a competitive advantage over other companies.

Our Law Firm provides legal support in the following cases, indicatively mentioned:

  • Prohibited partnerships (horizontal and vertical agreements).
  • Abuse of a dominant position (refusal of supply, practices of obstruction of parallel trade, affiliated and group sales, abuses of a pricing nature, abusive discount policies, discreet pricing, etc.).
  • Civil claims of third parties for violation of antitrust rules under CC 914.
  • Defense against criminal prosecution under provisions of free competition law.
  • Illegal work placement.
  • Illegal imitation of a product or service.
  • Copy of an intellectual or inventive work.
  • Contesting of distinctive features.
  • Misleading and comparative advertising.
  • Defamatory information about a competitor.
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