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George Kefalas, LL.M. (mult.), Μ.Sc.



Areas of expertise

Commercial-Corporate Law, Banking Law, Inheritance Law, Insolvency-Consolidation Law


Greek, English, French, Spanish


University of Athens, Law School (LL.B 2014)

University of Athens, M.Sc International Law Studies, 2015

(Scholar of the State Scholarships Foundation for Bachelor)

University of Athens, Law School - Master Degree in Civil Law (LL.M 2016)

University of Piraeus - M.Sc Financial and Legal Framework of Money and Capital Markets (2017)

(Scholar of "Alexandros S. Onassis" Foundation for studies in Financial Law)

(Scholarship of Excellence of University of Piraeus for studies in Financial Law)

University of Athens, Law School, Unified Postgraduate Program "Companies and Financing" (LL.M. 2018)

(Scholar of Athens Law School for the Unified Postgraduate Program "Companies and Financing")

George Kefalas is partner of the law firm.


Associate's Articles

List Icon   Appeal against the Bankrupt's Discharge - Some Thoughts Based on the First Decisions of the Courts

List Icon   The fate of the property lease after the auction - The possibilities of the successful bidder

List Icon   The Seizure of Intangible Securities (shares, bonds, etc.) to satisfy Lender's Claim

List Icon   The settlement of debts to the State and Social Security Institutions through the Out-of-Court Workout Mechanism of L. 4738/2020 after the amendments of L. 5072/2023.

List Icon   The Shareholders' Defence in case of mismanagement in the Private Company (IKE)

List Icon   The Recent Changes in the Extrajudicial Debt Settlement Mechanism of the law. 4738/2020

List Icon   The content of the Resolution Agreement: settlement possibilities with the Public Entities

List Icon   The Suspension of Enforcement in the Case of an Application to the Out-of-Court Mechanism

List Icon   The Secrets of the New Out-of-Court Debt Settlement Mechanism Through 14 Answers

List Icon   Cancellation of the Seizure due to Abuse

List Icon   The Shareholder's Right to Information in the S.A.

List Icon   Possibility of Adjustments and Write-offs in Resolution - The Principle of Equal Treatment of Creditors

List Icon   The Right to carry out an Extraordinary Audit of the SA.

List Icon   The annulment of a bank payment order following an opposition by a borrower

List Icon   The Calculation of the Value of the Outgoing or Excluded Partner's Interest in a Partnership

List Icon   Criteria for Debt Settlement under the New Extra-Judicial Mechanism of Law 4738/2020

List Icon   Settlement of Debts to the State and Social Security Institutions under the New Out-of-Court Mechanism

List Icon   Differences of the new out-of-court mechanism compared to the old out-of-court mechanism of Law No. 4469/2017

List Icon   The partner's right of exit in partnerships

List Icon   The New Out-of-Court Mechanism of Law 4738/2020

List Icon   The Condition of the Lenders' Intent to Harm in Fraud

List Icon   Corporate Debt Resolution in particular in the context of the Winding-up Procedure - No deterioration of the creditors' position

List Icon   The Tax Framework of Corporate Transformations after Law No. 4601/2019

List Icon   The New Institutional Framework for Corporate Transformation

List Icon   Invalidity of a will due to lack of conscience or mental or intellectual disorder of the testator

List Icon   Cancellation of the Seizure due to Abuse

List Icon   Possibilities of Disinheritance after the statutory Acceptance of the Inheritance

List Icon   Invalidity of a Will due to Contrary to Good Morals

List Icon   The defendant's defence in civil proceedings for creditor fraud - in particular the requirement of intent to harm creditors

List Icon   Exemption of guarantor following the conclusion of additional transactions between the primary debtor and the credit institution

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