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Ioannis Psarakis, Lecturer, LL.M (III), PhD Cand.



Areas of expertise

Commercial Law, Industrial Property Law, Personal Data Law, Tax Law



Universite Montpellier I, 2013

University of Athens, Degree, 2014

(Scholar of "Ioannis D. Pateras" for Bachelor)

University of Athens, Master Degree in Civil Law (2015)

University of Athens, Law School, Unified Postgraduate Program "Tax Law" (2017)

(Scholar of "Alexandros S. Onassis Foundation" for studies in Tax Law")

University of Athens, Law School, Unified Postgraduate Program "Companies and Financing" (2020)


Associate's Articles

List Icon   Ο Ρόλος των Διαφημίσεων της Google, του SEO και των Metatags στη Διαδικτυακή Παραβίαση Εμπορικών Σημάτων (trademarks)

List Icon   Counteractive reflections on the conceptual counteraction theory within EU case law: much ado about nothing?

List Icon   Industrial Design Registration: the Basic Requirements and what Rihanna taught us

List Icon   Registration of a European and National Trademark, Business Name, Product or Service

List Icon   The registration of the new Juventus trade mark and the importance of knowledge of recent case law

List Icon   Milan AC: A match not won and a lesson for the EU trademark registration

List Icon   When Netflix tried to register the distinctive (now?) opening sound as a trademark of the European Union

List Icon   Why the preparation of a DPIA concerns a large number of businesses in the context of their compliance with GDPR

List Icon   EU trade mark registration (EUTM) and the defence against possible opposition (opposition)

List Icon   The Great Exit from the Russian market and the weapon of Intellectual Property

List Icon   Intra-group (and not only) financing (vol. II)

List Icon   Truths and figures about the trademark (vol. II)

List Icon   Truths and figures about the brand

List Icon   Can I have a Right to a Specific Indication if I have not registered it as a Trademark?

List Icon   Intra-group (and not only) financing

List Icon   When is my trademark infringed?

List Icon   Infringement of the trademark: the broadest possible protection for the right holder - the reputed trademark

List Icon   Infringement of the trademark: the risk of association

List Icon   Infringement of a trademark: the most common case and why it is in your interest to protect it

List Icon   Cookies and website and application compliance: the calm before the storm?

List Icon   The discharge of legal representatives and managers of legal persons in bankruptcy: a real second chance?

List Icon   EUIPO - La Liga marked 1

List Icon   GDPR and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA): better safe than sorry?

List Icon   The legal practice on the obligation to stamp loans concluded abroad, the criticism and the contribution of A. 38 CFR

List Icon   The legal remedy through the practice of the Dispute Resolution Directorate (DSD)

List Icon   The trademark as a business asset: the numbers, protection and two proposals

List Icon   Expropriation of creditors: the meaning (and therefore the timing) of expropriation of a real property right

List Icon   The relationship between measure and purpose in Article 49 of the Code of Tax Procedure

List Icon   The defendant's defence in the civil trial of lender fraud

List Icon   The possibilities of defence in the crime of lender bribery

List Icon   The actual intention to draw up a last will and testament as a ground for contesting a private will

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