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Industrial Property Law


Industrial Property Law is an area intertwined with business. No company can succeed without first securing the protection of its intangible rights, whether they relate to its distinctive features (trademark, etc.), its industrial designs, or its trade secrets.

We are entrusted with start-ups that deem it necessary to protect their distinctive titles and websites, fashion companies that find it necessary to protect their designs, consumer goods companies that know it's necessary to protect their trademarks .

We have successfully challenged a number of cases, protecting the rights of our assignors in court.

Our Law Firm provides legal support in the following cases, indicatively mentioned:

  • Registration of trademark, name, distinctive title, domain name and their protection against infringements by third parties.
  • Registration of copyright / invention, utility model, industrial designs, computer programs, etc.
  • Protection of respective rights nationally and within Europe.
  • Preparation of licensing agreements for patents, trademarks, etc.
  • Preparation of contracts for the transfer of industrial property rights (transfer of a patent, transfer of a trademark, etc.).
  • Handling criminal law cases in the context of trademark protection.
  • Cancellation of patents or trademarks.
  • Protection of Commercial Secrets based on law 4605/2019.
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