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Bankruptcy Law - Reconciliation Law


Many of our cases focus on resolving problems of over-indebted companies through existing legal remedies and extrajudicial aids (reorganization, bankruptcy, proceedings of bankruptcy due to upcoming inability for payments, appeals against payment orders, appeals against enforcement actions etc). We deal with any issue of over-indebtedness and insolvency of legal entities and individuals engaged in trade by examining it at the same time from the point of view of commercial, tax and criminal law. We undertake the complete reorganization of a company and give the client more than one alternative solutions with a complete long-term implementation plan of the proposed measures. Moreover, in the field of criminal law, we undertake cases of any criminal prosecutions for tax offenses (debts to the State, non-payment of VAT and withholding taxes, filing of inaccurate income tax return, false invoices, etc.) by taking advantage of our expertise in tax and commercial law.

Especially today and upon the introduction of law 4738/2020, the available options that the debtor has are enough, as a result of which the appropriate assistance is required in order to choose the appropriate legal path. Whether the debtor chooses e.g. the institution of "second chance" or the extrajudicial settlement system depends on many factors and requires thorough processing of the respective data (in particular, see our relevant articles).

Indicatively, we provide the following services:

  • Filing insolvency requests based on the new Bankruptcy Code (L. 4738/2020).
  • Filing bankruptcy requests with simultaneous request to receive precautionary measures.
  • Filing request for inclusion in the extrajudicial debt settlement system (Law 4738/2020)
  • Notice of claims within the context of the bankruptcy procedure.
  • Bankruptcy applications and claims in the bankruptcy process.
  • Infringement of acts committed during the suspicious period - bankruptcy revocations
  • Reorganization of companies out of and in court with control of contracts (commercial, employment, lease, etc.) and improvement of these conditions in the context of optimal financial management.
  • Mergers and divisions of companies aimed at improving financial results and streamlining financial statements
  • Dealing with criminal proceedings for debts towards the State and third parties (see also "Financial Criminal Law")
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